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Is Wisconsin the Next Flint?

Is Wisconsin the Next Flint?, Michael H. Carriere, February 9, 2016, published in

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“Yet what really makes Wisconsin the next potential Flint is that such moves toward privatization are coming on the heels of a systematic gutting of the state’s environmental protection standards.”

Wisconsin Campuses Don’t Need More Guns

Wisconsin Campuses Don’t Need More Guns, October 19, 2015, Michael H. Carriere, Ph.D., associate professor, Milwaukee School of Engineering; Nicolas Lampert, Peck School of the Arts, Department of Art and Design, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Leah Flack, Ph.D., assistant professor, Marquette University; Aims McGuinness, Ph.D., associate professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, published in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel / Associated Press

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“As educators, we strive to create safe and inclusive learning environments. The addition of more guns to such spaces — and the uncertainty that these weapons ultimately bring — will severely undermine this process.”

“It may out-Ferguson Ferguson”: Why Milwaukee’s Police Violence Will Horrify You

“It may out-Ferguson Ferguson”: Why Milwaukee’s Police Violence Will Horrify You, Michael H. Carriere, December 23, 2014, published in

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“The sad lesson of Milwaukee is that what happened to Mike Brown is no exception. Here’s the terrifying reality”

Bringing the War Home

Bringing the War Home (excerpt from Nicolas Lampert, A People’s Art History of the United States: 250 Years of Activist Art and Artists Working in Social Justice Movements, New York: The New Press, 2013)

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“The soldiers were members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), and they were reenacting their experiences of combat patrols in Iraq and reenacting what it was like to detain Iraqi civilians. They were bringing the war home, using street theatre to get the public to pay attention to what was taking place overseas and what the politicians, pundits, and media rarely discuss: the brutality of war and its effects on Iraqi citizens and U.S. soldiers alike.”

The Lessons of People’s Park for the Occupy Movement

The Lessons of People’s Park for the Occupy MovementMichael H. Carriere, May 28, 2012, published in the History News Network

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“2012 may not be 1969, but events from over forty years ago have much to teach us about the possibilities — and hard realities — of protest movements.”

Rafael Trelles

Rafael Trelles, Nicolas Lampert, essay published in Art and Social Justice Education: Culture as Commons, edited by Therese Quinn, John Ploof, and Lisa Hochtritt, New York: Routledge, 2012

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“Lost in the new rules of the street art career path and individual branding is dissent and social justice. The atypical street artist is the political street artist whose motivation derives from the urgent need to communicate political messages to the public through images and text. Rafael Trelles, a Puerto Rican interdisciplinary artist, represents this vital sub-subgenre.”

Visions of Post-Industrial Milwaukee

Visions of Post-Industrial Milwaukee, Emma Mustich interview with Michael Carriere and David Schalliol, January 7, 2012, published in

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“For me, this is a potentially transformative moment. And what we hear people talk about who are doing this is the idea of returning urban space back to the people that it was meant to serve. For someone who studies the history of urban renewal, that’s incredibly exciting.”

Wisconsin’s Lost Strike Moment

Wisconsin’s Lost Strike Moment, Dan S. Wang and Nicolas Lampert, April 22, 2011, published in We Are Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Uprising in the Words of Activists, Writers, and Everyday Wisconsonites Who Made it Happen, Erica Sangrans, ed., Minneapolis: Tasora Books, 2011 and Deep Uprisings: The Midwest in All Directions, Compass Collaborators, self published, 2012

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“The sleeping giant that is the labor movement + working class solidarity has awoken. But the outlook is not entirely optimistic.”

The Problem With Taking “Art in the Streets” Into the Museum

The Problem With Taking “Art in the Streets” Into the Museum, Nicolas Lampert, January 11, 2011, Blouin Art Info

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“The Blu mural controversy at MOCA is more than just another case of art world censorship. It is proof positive that street art exhibitions in the museum are inherently flawed and full of contradictions. Jeffrey Deitch’s soon-to-be blockbuster show “Art in the Streets” and the whitewashed mural made this point as clear as day.”