PDF’s of select essays and interviews by some of the collective members in ReciproCity. A PDF link follows the web link.


Aggregate – Farming the Revolution, Interview with Mike Carriere, Antoine Carter, and Fidel Verdin, November 12, 2015, published in


Community Engagement is Key to Making Milwaukee Sustainable, Michael H. Carriere, May 21, 2010, published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Community Engagement is Key to Making Milwaukee Sustainable


Is Wisconsin the Next Flint?, Michael H. Carriere, February 9, 2016, published in

Is Wisconsin the Next Flint


“It may out-Ferguson Ferguson”: Why Milwaukee’s Police Violence Will Horrify You, Michael H. Carriere, December 23, 2014, published in

It May Out Ferguson Ferguson


Wisconsin Campuses Don’t Need More Guns, October 19, 2015, Michael H. Carriere, Ph.D., associate professor, Milwaukee School of Engineering; Nicolas Lampert, Peck School of the Arts, Department of Art and Design, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Leah Flack, Ph.D., assistant professor, Marquette University; Aims McGuinness, Ph.D., associate professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, published in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel / Associated Press

Wisconsin Campuses Don’t Need More Guns


Visions of Post-Industrial Milwaukee, Emma Mustich interview with Michael Carriere and David Schalliol, January 7, 2012, published in

Visions of Post-Industrial Milwaukee


The Lessons of People’s Park for the Occupy Movement, Michael H. Carriere, May 28, 2012, published in the History News Network

The Lessons of People’s Park for the Occupy Movement


Wisconsin’s Lost Strike Moment, Dan S. Wang and Nicolas Lampert, April 22, 2011, published in We Are Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Uprising in the Words of Activists, Writers, and Everyday Wisconsonites Who Made it Happen, Erica Sangrans, ed., Minneapolis: Tasora Books, 2011 and Deep Uprisings: The Midwest in All Directions, Compass Collaborators, self published, 2012

Wisconsin’s Lost Strike Moment


Goodbye Cleveland!, Michael H. Carriere, July 11, 2010, published in the History News Network

Goodbye Cleveland


Rethinking MLK and Vietnam, Michael H. Carriere, January 17, 2010, published in the History News Network

Rethinking MLK and Vietnam


Victories To Celebrate: The 28-Year Campaign that Defeated the Proposed Crandon Mine in Wisconsin, Interview with Susan Simensky Bietila by Nicolas Lampert, published in AREA Chicago, Issue #9, “Peripheral”, Fall 2009

Victories To Celebrate


Rafael Trelles, Nicolas Lampert, essay published in Art and Social Justice Education: Culture as Commons, edited by Therese Quinn, John Ploof, and Lisa Hochtritt, New York: Routledge, 2012

Rafael Trelles


The Problem With Taking “Art in the Streets” Into the Museum, Nicolas Lampert, January 11, 2011, Blouin Art Info

The Problem With Taking Art in the Streets into the Museum_Lampert_2011


Operation First Casualty: An Interview with Aaron Hughes by Nicolas Lampert, Proximity magazine, Issues no. 7. Spring/Summer 2010

Lampert_Aaron Hughes interview_Proximity_2010


Bringing the War Home (excerpt from Nicolas Lampert, A People’s Art History of the United States: 250 Years of Activist Art and Artists Working in Social Justice Movements, New York: The New Press, 2013)

People’s Art History of the US excerpt – IVAW