Career Youth Development

Our first project with Career Youth Development (CYD) involved building a series of garden beds during the Spring of 2013 in the Victory Over Violence Park that is adjacent to the CYD building.


The CYD is an organization that was founded in 1970 and works to empower youth and adults in Milwaukee’s inner city communities– or in their own words “Career Youth Development, Inc (CYD) was founded in 1970 by Jeannetta Robinson and her mother & civil rights activist Claretta “Mother Freedom” Simpson to serve troubled teens. Jeannetta & Mother Freedom felt strongly that no child deserved to be thrown away and written off and that as a society, it was our obligation to surround troubled and at risk youth with supportive services that sought to deter them from lifestyles of drugs and crime. The reality of things are such that youth growing up in urban settings, especially Milwaukee are predisposed to lifestyles of crime and drugs. Faced with this sad reality, our founders chose to use empowerment, inspiration, and love in action as their niche tools in serving troubled youth. Forty- three years later, CYD continues to, through our over 20 programs and services, arm people with the tools they need to make positive changes in their lives socially, spiritually and economically. Although today we’ve grown to offer services to youth, adults & families, the character of our calling remains the same. CYD is here for people who at some point in their lives either made a bad turn, or somehow hit a rough patch and are now looking to turn things around.”


The garden beds project was led by Michael Carriere and students at MSOE. It also led to our second project at the CYD: the RW24 crowd sourced project to build a rooftop garden.