Peace Park and Garden

Peace Park and Garden Locust Street was established in 2013 by Fidel Verdin and Summer of Peace. Verdin explains: “Our Peace Park and Garden serves as an open source educational space where we can talk to young people about several layers of self-determination and reclaiming the space. I asked my alderwoman [Milele Coggs], what’s the worst thing that can happen if we walked into a vacant lot and we put up art and planted a garden and we started holding events in these vacant lots. Because we going to do this. So she gave me the answer … about how you actually work with the city to activate one of these spaces. Just having that information helped us to mobilize and inform so many other people that there is a process, there are people in place, there’s a land trust, you don’t just have to look at 4 or 5 vacant lots on your block, you can actually take one and do something with it.”

Art City Asks: Fidel Verdin