Rooftop Garden

ReciproCITY designed a crowd-sourced bonus checkpoint during the RW24 at the Career Youth Development (CYD) building on MLK Dr.

The RW24 is a 24-hour bike race through Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood with the goal of building community. Launched in 2008, the 4.8-mile loop around the majority of the community attracts one thousand riders and four hundred-plus volunteers. Riders earn points by completing laps and by completing any number of the 25 bonus checkpoints that allows participants to actively engage with the community.

ReciproCITY had previously worked with the CYD on building a series of garden beds at the Victory Over Violence Park that is adjacent to their building. For the 2013 RW24, bicycle riders helped complete a new roof top garden by hauling buckets of dirt to the roof that filled the 22 garden beds that were constructed the day before.

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