Sweetwater Urban Farm

ReciproCITY was first launched in early 2012 as an experimental cultural space located inside the Sweet Water urban aquaponic farm in Milwaukee as a means of fostering collaboration between urban farmers, artists, activists, and the greater community. Sweet Water, at the time, was an epicenter of creative thinking and a place where you would see aquaponic farming, as well as dance performances, art shows, touring bands, indy craft fairs, lectures, and anything else under the sun.

In 2008, Sweet Water transformed an abandoned industrial building into a showcase of urban agriculture. Its sustainable aquaponics system was inspired by Will Allen’s (MacArthur Genius Award Winner and Founder of Growing Power) and featured a three-tiered, bio-intensive, simulated wetland. In the re-circulating systems, the fish waste acted as a natural fertilizer for plant growth and the plants acted as a water filter.

After Sweet Water closed in June of 2013 ReciproCITY went mobile and now works on various projects and partnerships with community groups and organizations in Milwaukee and beyond.

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